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Vitamin D is important for good overall health and strong and healthy bones, it is used by virtually every cell in the body. It’s also an important factor in making sure your muscles, heart, lungs and brain work well and that your body can fight infection.Your body can make its own vitamin D from sunlight, however, between October and April in UK the UV index is low so we cannot make vitamin D during these months we rely on vitamin D slowly released from fat stores in the body to protect us over the winter. In addition, if we use SPF15 sunscreen that blocks 95% of all vitamin D production! Other sources of vitamin D are from supplements and a very small amount comes from the foods we eat.

Vitamin-D foods BodyBarn Tricia Hobbs McTimoney Chiropractor BodyWiseThe link between vitamin D and strong healthy bones was made many years ago when doctors realised that sunlight, which allows you to produce vitamin D, or taking cod liver oil, which contains vitamin D, helped to prevent a bone condition called rickets in children. Today, vitamin D is seen as a vital part of good health and it’s important not just for the health of your bones.. Vitamin D is very important for strong bones. Calcium and phosphorus are essential for developing the structure and strength of your bones, and you need vitamin D to absorb these minerals. Even if you eat foods that contain a lot of calcium and phosphorus, without enough vitamin D, you can’t absorb them into your body. Recent research is now showing that vitamin D may be important in preventing and treating a number of serious long term health problems Some of the functions of the body that vitamin D helps with include:

  • Immune system, which helps you to fight infection
  • Muscle function
  • Cardiovascular function, for a healthy heart and circulation
  • Respiratory system –for healthy lungs and airways
  • Brain development
  • Anti-cancer effects

BodyBarn McTimoney Chiropractor Tricia Hobbs

Tricia Hobbs, BodyWise McTimoney Chiropractor

In order to establish your vitamin D status I recommend taking a simple vitamin D blood-spot test. This will then enable you to determine what your vitamin D status is and the dosage your body currently needs to achieve optimal bone health and disease prevention.

I can supply this test at a cost of £30 and then discuss the results with you in the light of the latest research findings.

Please contact me by e-mail at  tricia@bodywisechiropractic.co.uk or phone 07803 003642 for more information or to order a test.

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