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Derma Roller.

Project Description

Also referred to as collagen stimulating therapy or collagen inducing system.

Skin needling is a type of skin treatment that has been used for centuries by people in the East.

This technique uses micro needles which are painlessly rolled over the skin thereby allowing collagen inducing natural serum to enter the skin which in turn causes the skin to produce new collagen.
Anti-ageing (wrinkles, folds, creases, sagging), scar tissue, stretch marks, cellulite, hair loss, hyper pigmentation (age spots), rosacea and dormant acne.
After cleansing the skin, a serum is applied to it. The derma roller with its fine needles are rolled over the skin thereby creating micro pores.
Although it sounds painful, micro needling is usually a painless procedure. The micro pores allow the serum to enter into deeper layers of the skin, which will look red (swelling is rare). There may be slight tenderness after the treatment. After the treatment, a hydrating serum is applied. If not hydrated the skin could feel tight and dry.
Some dry skin may be experienced as this is the dead cells that are being shed. After 4 weeks, the effect of the treatment will be seen, but immediately you should feel tightening of the skin. It takes new collagen up to 4 weeks to form.
There may be some bruising or swelling – feel free to contact our office if there are any concerns. In extremely rare cases, small pustules may appear; also contact our office as soon as possible so that these pustules can be drained.
Shower as normal, making sure that it is not too hot. Do not take a bath. Do not use any products on the skin, except the serum that is provided, for at least 8 hours. If any unexpected adverse reactions occur, please contact our office as soon as possible.

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