NEW… KeraStraight Smoothing BLOW DRY… have great looking hair for months!

KeraStraight Brazilian Blow Dry… the ultimate semi permanent blow drying treatment.

KeraStraight is the British straightening and conditioning treatment taking the world by storm. Find out why KeraStraight is the treatment of choice for 19 countries and how KeraStraight KS Ultimate can transform your hair.

The KeraStraight salon blow dry rebuilds and conditions your hair simultaneously reforming the shape, strength and manageability. Your hair can be shampooed just 24 hours after your BodyBarn KeraStraigh treatment and will be simple and easy to manage and radiate with strength shine.

The BodyBarn KeraStraight Blow Dry will leave you with frizz free, super conditioned and salon perfect hair after every wash. Let KeraStraight strengthen, repair and transform your unruly or damaged hair.BodyBarn's KeraStraight Smoothing Blow Dry

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