McTimoney Chiropractor, Tricia Hobbs at BodyBarn, Stockbridge, Hampshire.

Tricia Hobbs has been the McTimoney Chiropractor at the BodyBarn in Stockbridge, Hampshire for over a year now as part of the BodyBarn Medi Spa team and has built a good clientele of patients in need of her chiropractic expertise. She was drawn to McTimoney chiropractic having experienced a treatment to address symptoms she developed when she took up running. She is delighted to have become a practitioner. She uses her knowledge of Bio-Geometric  Integration (BGI) to relax any muscle tension in the body prior to chiropractic treatment so ensuring maximum effectiveness of the subsequent adjustments.
BodyBarn McTimoney Chiropractor Tricia Hobbs in Stockbridge - free spinal checksTricia is offering FREE SPINAL CHECKS at the BodyBarn Medi Spa for a limited time only, so hurry and book your spinal check now!

BodyBarn McTimoney Chiropractor Tricia Hobbs in Stockbridge

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