• Please take your time to complete the questions and please do not panic if there is something you don't quite understand as any further questions you have will be answered during your consultation appointment with Tamara. If you do have any pressing questions, please feel free to call 01264 810004 and we will try to assist you.

    This Consultation Form must be completed to validate our Public Liability Insurance and to assess your suitability for cosmetic tattooing procedures. This form will indicate whether you need to seek a doctor's advice before commencing treatment. Please read the questions carefully and answer each one honestly. Please be assured that personal information we receive is treated with utmost confidentiality. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.


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  • Our SMS Text Service
    As a courtesy we may send you an SMS text reminder at least 48 hours prior to your appointment, reminding you of your appointment date and time. can not guarantee this service and impress on you not to rely on this service to remind you of your appointment. You will still be charged for missed appointments even if you do not receive a text reminder.

    Cancellation & Bookings Policy
    Cancellation policies are never fun, however, much like a Dental surgery we have many bookings. Subsequently, late rescheduling and no shows ultimately results in other clients missing out on appointment opportunities and disrupts the work schedule for the Personal Trainer. We do our very best to accommodate your schedule however, if you fail to turn up for your scheduled appointment as a ‘no show’ you will be charged in full for the services you originally booked for. If applicable your gift voucher will be voided, and any deposit paid will be retained. In order to avoid incurring unnecessary costs and as a matter of common courtesy, we request that you provide us with at least 24 hours notice for all cancellations and/or rescheduling.

    Late Arrival
    Arriving late will limit the time of your session, lessening its effectiveness and your enjoyment. Your session will end on time so that the next client is not delayed.

    In consideration for all our clients and for their safety, children are not permitted in the Personal Training Studio without prior permission from your Personal Trainer, and must be well mannered and supervised at all times whilst in the Personal Training Studio. Parents/ guardians are responsible for the cost of any breakages to products or property.

    Due to the nature of 'gym' environment, pets are not permitted in the Personal Training Studio with the exception of Guide Dogs.

    Treatment Times
    Session times include all procedures between arrival and departure from the Studio, ie, consultation, changing of clothing, etc.

    Gift Voucher Terms & Conditions gift vouchers may be exchanged for products or services of an equal value or used in part payment to a higher value. No cash can be redeemed for the gift voucher and are non-returnable or transferable. Vouchers will be subject to verification at the time of presentation. reserve the right not to accept vouchers that appear to have been altered or tampered with. Vouchers are valid for six calendar months from the purchase date. We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time.

    This Questionnaire is valid for one year from the date submitted. It is your duty to inform us of any changes to the questionnaire during this period.


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